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Photography Series


Frivolity and impermanence is the best way to describe world-wide advertising. After having worked in advertising and fashion photography for over ten years, I first hand had the witnessed the insanity of tight- deadlines, the madness of the extreme pressure and the immense push to be 'hip- wow- and-now' before anyone else. Meanwhile, advertisements that took unfathomable amounts of cash, intense rounds of retouching and the last remenants of the art directors sanity would be casual irrelevant the moment it went to press. All of this as a means to convince you the viewer, that your life would cease to be meaningful unless you had the *thing*.

Advertising is obsolete the moment it is birthed into the world.

No more visible is this idea of archival advertising more prominent than on the New York City subway.

About 7 years ago, I was walking through West 4th Street train station only to notice that the entire ad campaign had been torn off the walls. Rather than walk right by it, I started to see the most amazing automatic collages. These torn posters, frankly, looked better  in their current state. I started documenting the different ones that I would see and have started my "Shreds" series- which continues to this day. 


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