JR Pepper is a Brooklyn born-and-raised photographer, lecturer, retoucher and archivist. She holds both a BA and an MA in art history and is a multi-talented performer, lecturer and artist specializing in bizarre aspects of art and history. Her spirit photography has been featured worldwide including on VICE.com.  She is proudest of her work with The Burns Archive, and Animal Haven Shelter.

Her photography has been seen with Gristle Tattoo, Rogue Space Gallery Chelsea, Trenton Artworks, GreenPoint Gallery, Lovecraft Bar NYC, The Jefferson Market Library,  Babylon New York curated by Leonardo Casas, Alrealon Musique, Gothic Lolita Magazine, and various gallery shows in NY, Paris and Chile.

Various websites have featured her photographs and her lectures including  About.com, Between Mirrors, Kotaku, and VICE: The Creator's Project, The General Manga Initiative , The Village Voice, Haunted America FAQ by Dave Thompson, Musee Magazine and Chilean fanzine Estrellita Mia. She has also had her retouching work  featured on DVDs, art catalogues and publications including Walter Potter's Curious World of Taxidermy, The Morbid Anatomy Anthology and multiple upcoming publications with The Burns Archive. Additionally, she spent 15 years working in fashion and advertising and has worked on books by Annie Leibowitz, Roni Horn, Guy Bourdin and many others- and can say that with a certainty that The Devil Wears Prada is absolutely true.  She was formerly a writer at Creepy Girl Travels and Pink Ray Gun has spent many years working with the Morbid Anatomy Library and Museum.

She lives by a cemetery with her  hedgehog addicted dog, Lydia, and two guinea pigs-one of which looks like a wig.  JR Pepper lectures regularly at Brooklyn Brainery and is a fellow and curator of the Odd Salon NY branch. She has performed at NY Anime Fest, Salon Con, New York Comic Con, Tokyo in Tulsa, Haunt Faire, Morbid Anatomy Museum (R.I.P), and The Southern Sideshow Hootenanny. She is a published writer, &  has sang at Don't Tell Mama and the Triad Theatre in NYC. 

Photograph by Bill Wadman

Photograph copyright of Odd Salon NYC

© 2021 by GIRLDUALITY and JR Pepper

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