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The Guardians of the Graveyard: Pets in American Cemeteries   

(In Person)

Cemeteries are places dedicated to the memory of  friends and family who have gone before us. But what about or fury or even feathered companions? In this talk we will  explore the history of animals as our protectors in this life and the next.

August 30th at 7:00PM

The Brooklyn Brainery at

190 Underhill Avenue

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and the Supernatural

(In Person)

Photography has always been associated with the otherworldly.

With the click of a camera’s shutter, an instantaneous moment can be frozen forever - so why wouldn’t it be capable of seeing the world beyond?

September 13th at 7:00PM

The Brooklyn Brainery at

190 Underhill Avenue


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Cemetery Trolley Tour

August 27th, 2:00pm- 3:30pm

Join us aboard Green-Wood’s trolley to explore the Cemetery’s historic landscape and most fascinating permanent residents. If you have never been to Green-Wood, this is your opportunity to discover its 478 acres of art, history, and nature! You will tread where George Washington and his troops fought in the Battle of Brooklyn,  visit the grave of one of America’s greatest artists, and much more. Check-in takes place at the meadow near the Main Entrance at Fifth Avenue and 25th Street. Comfortable footwear is recommended.


$30, and $25 for members, please buy in advance at the links below

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Greatest Hits

Sunday August 14th at 1:00PM

This is your opportunity to discover the highlights of some of its 478 acres of art, history, and nature!

On this walking tour, you will tread where George Washington and his troops fought in the Battle of Brooklyn; learn of the massive fire that struck the Brooklyn Theatre in 1876; pay your respects to the father of West-Side Story 

and much more.

Price: $30 and $25 for members please buy in advance at the link below!

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Long after Green-Wood’s gates close to the

public, explore its historic grounds under the

cover of night. You’ll discover some of the Cemetery’s most stunning monuments and infamous permanent residents...

all by lantern light...

Price: $30 and $25 for members



Recently I was interviewed to discuss my art and do a deep dive into horror, spooky history, Odd Salon, cemeteries and of course- guinea pigs


Well, you are in luck, new images of Lady Midge and our Cemetery Series have been added to our Etsy page!  Buy some gothy postcards for your sweetheart, why don'tcha?



 A few weeks ago, a quick snippet I submitted was featured in my favorite YouTube show, "Hollywood Graveyard" and I am thrilled!!

Haunted America FAQ

By Dave Thompson

Take a fast-paced survey of the ghosties, ghouls, and associated denizens of the country's haunted history with Haunted America FAQ. Tracing local ghost stories back to Native American legends and then forward through horror tales both ancient and modern, the book revisits some of the best known haunted locales, as well as some of the most obscure creepy places, in America. Features an interview with me about spirit photography, and includes many of my photos!

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Ghosts, Goblins, Murder, & Madness

Featuring 21 different voices hailing from five different countries and 11 states, Ghosts, Goblins, Murder, and Madness is certain to strike a chord with every horror aficionado.   

In this same vein, the stories in this collection provide a wide-angle lens at what comprises the unique expanse of horror fiction today.

My story "Asking For It" is featured!

And, one of my photographs is on the cover!


Want to learn more?

Thanks for submitting!

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